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The Adventure Dog

A Comprehensive List for the Outdoor Dog!

An adventure dog is the best adventure partner. Whether it be hiking, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, boating, running, mountain biking, skiing, many dogs are up for the adventure with the right training and passion. After all, adventuring comes natural to dogs and they're always there to give us a helpful reminder of whats important in life.

What does an adventure hound need? I would say it varies by location and by the dog. Here is a comprehensive list of what I've used and found helpful and what I hear other dog humans have sworn by. Yes, you could definitely just get by with the essentials like water, water bowl, and leash, but adding gear can be really helpful and fun.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links or make a purchase, I’ll receive a tiny bit of compensation at no added cost to you. I only recommend products that I truly love, and any purchases you make help keep this blog going. Thanks for all of your support, and if you ever have any questions about any of the products featured on my site, please email me. Cheers! Dara

Leash/Extra Carabiners

Leashes are always good to have in the case of a busy trail, abundant wildlife, etc. Although Jed and Luna hike a lot off leash, having a leash is a must in my mind. Leashes come in handy in countless situations. I have a carabiner to be able to secure the leash to something fast if I need to.


There are many different harnesses out on the market today. There are walking/non-pulling harnesses, harnesses with handles, backpack harnesses, climbing harnesses, and joring harnesses.


There are also backpacks for dogs, so fido can carry all his own stuff! It is the stuff that dreams are made of! Jed carries his food, water, water bowl, leashes, poop bags, and yes.... his poop because we leave no trace wherever we go!


This is the classic entertainment for most people who haven't seen their dog wear dog booties yet. If you live in a cold, snowy environment I think a lot of dogs can benefit from this. Especially places where there is salt laid out to melt snow which can tear up the dogs pads. A lot of people I have met like the Ruffwear..... A cheaper and very functional option is the ..... from ... This is what many professional joring dogs use for mushing.

Life Vest

I have some great Life Vests that I picked up at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. They are Outward Hound Dog Gear and were about $15 each. You can also find one on amazon here. Not a bad price for Dog Life Vests if you ask me. I like them especially because they do work well when the dogs fall in the water unexpectedly, and the handle allows me to grab them and pull them back in the boat easily. It also helps to keep the sun off of them during the really hot months.

Poop Bags

Please practice Leave no Trace!

Collapsable Water Bowl

This is one of the single most important things in my dog gear bag for obvious reasons.

Dog First Aid Kit

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) here is a comprehensive list of items to keep in a pet's first aid kit:

  • Phone Numbers & Pet's Medical Record. (Your pet's veterinarian, emergency veterinary clinic, and Animal Poison Control Center.)

  • Gauze for wrapping wounds or muzzling the injured animal.

  • Nonstick bandages, towels, or strips of clean cloth to control bleeding or protect wounds.

  • Adhesive tape for bandages for securing the gauze wrap or bandage.

  • Milk of Magnesia or Activated charcoal to absorb poison.

  • 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to induce vomiting

  • Digital Thermometer -Temperature should be taken rectally.

  • Eye Dropper to give oral treatments or flush wounds.


For Luna who is a tiny Jack Russell Terrier, I have a jogger, a rain jacket, and a few warm sweaters for colder and rainy weather. During a cold day, she loves when I put on her jogger which covers her head, body, and legs.


Backpacking Gear

Tent & Sleeping Bag

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