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Arizona Hot Springs

The Arizona Hot Springs are located just a short walk away from the Colorado River but you would never know it, nestled deep in a towering slot canyon just down stream from Ringbolt Rapids. A natural hot spring dammed up to just enough to provide enough water for a nice soak between the canyon walls. A 3.2 mile trek from the parking lot at the US-93 will take you from busy highway traffic through barren volcanic landscape down into a Dramatic slot canyon that winds its way deeper into volcanic history and water shed ending at the banks of the Colorado River just south of Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam.

Arizona Hot Springs or also known as Ringbolt Hot Springs is a spring that discharges mineralized water 30 gallons per minute. There are two ways to the hot springs. A roughly 6 mile round trip hike or a short hike from the Colorado River south of the Hoover Dam. The pools are dammed up between the dramatic slot canyon.My favorite thing about this hike and area was how colorful the desert was. The Colorado showed off with its emerald green hues while the slot canyons had characteristics of all sorts of colors like purples, reds, oranges, browns, and whites. The landscape was then decorated with various plant life and amazing geology.

Take a look at my video of the hike and my photo story below and leave comments of your favorite part!

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